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These beliefs combined to create a complex system of farming and recycling of the rainforest's products they used in their daily life. This sustainable agriculture has been in use for several thousand years (Hartmann 2005).
It is believed that the Kayapo are an ecologically evolved population and are an example of living in balance with the ecosystem. They are generally non-aggressive and have a rich tradition of rituals. They are an ancient culture that has its foundations in seasonal farming and gathering.
Beliefs and ideals surrounding the issue of using the rainforest, and the purpose of the rainforest, are passed from generation to generation through socialization. Socialization is the process where people learn the customs and acceptable behaviors of the community in which they live. Customs are the traditionally accepted norms, standards, and ways of doing things. Often these customs are passed through rituals, a formal ceremony that is usually symbolic. The symbolism represents a belief and this is shared by a group such as a family or community.
By socialization, a culture passes its customs and norms to the next generation and they develop a set of values based on these beliefs, customs, and norms. Values are the abstract belief in a system of right, wrong, fair, and decent. ...
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The story of the Kayapo tribe is a story of abandoning previously held beliefs in hopes of gaining material wealth through modernization. A belief is an accepted trust or conviction in a truth that does not need to be verified with fact or evidence. It is generally used in an anthropological context to indicate a religious or spiritual system.
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