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Identification of factors associated with the reversion of diagnosed case of DDH back to normal

Moreover, as it has been evidenced that most of the diagnosed cases revert back to normal condition also proposes a question why should these patients treated when the situation may turn to normal To explore the association, between diagnosed cases of DDH who reverted back to normal and the characters possessed by these cases, a case control study is proposed to be carried out in Yorkhill, Royal Hospital for Sick Children. This study will explore the association between various characteristics and the cases of DDH reverted back. The findings will be helpful in formulating a framework of analysis based on which the candidates with DDH will need treatment. This association will be seen through the analysis at multivariate level using SPSS software version 14.0. the association will be assessed by the risk ratios along with the confidence interval around the estimates.
Over the last two decades much knowledge has been added to Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) previously known as the congenital hip dislocation (CHD). DDH affects the ball and socket type of hip joint when there is problem in fitting the head of the femur in the socket of the acetabulum. ...
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Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a problem, usually, detected at the time of birth or after some weeks due to screening protocol prepared for it. If untreated some cases may revert back to normal after about 2-6 months but those who are remained as DDH they pose problems to the newborn when she/he starts walking…
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