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Essay example - Primary Critical Anaylysis of Edward Albee's "The Zoo"

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the impotence of physical causality over human beings, [is] the place of nothingness within consciousness and [Sartre] showed how it intervened between the forces that act upon us and our actions" (Levy, Neil, pg111.)
The goal-oriented, 'teleological' notion of the historical process in the face of absurdism assumes greater significance because they justify the metaphysical disillusionment that the individual faced stripped of his/her ontological purpose…

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In the play "The Zoo Story" by Edward Albee in 1958 first performed in Berlin at the Schiller Theater Werkstatt, 1959. The "zoo" imagery runs throughout the play and the actual crisis emerges from the sentence that Jerry enters saying "I've been to the zoo". Jerry reflects a "great weariness" and questions the verisimilitude of "social prosperity" and "happiness" that the optimism that seem to surround the American Dream. The isolation and the confinement of his free life becomes the curse of the modern society. He is free to remain condemned, and hardly can share a relationship with even an animal. The one-act drama revolves around the concept of the 'zoo' that belies the 'Disneyland' of American promise of superabundance and civility. My present concern in this paper is to analyze the questions that Jerry raises and how he escapes through his death.
On a fine Sunday afternoon Peter sits on a park bench reading a book, just when Jerry enters looking a bit tattered and ragged. ...
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