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Narrative Writing - Essay Example

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One of these days on looking through the window I saw a little girl playing with a charming puppy. That moment I have remembered my eighth birthday. What an amazing thing our childhood is! Everything around us seems so magic, fantastic and fine.
That year I have got a wonderful puppy…

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Narrative Writing

A real 'miracle' has got out of out of the box. It was a puppy, small and fluffy, as a bear-cub.
While I have searched for a dummy, the puppy has fallen out of the carriage and has gone 'to see the sights' of his new home. It has come into one of rooms and has stood motionless. Near the bed he has seen a big black animal and looked at the puppy without one wink.
"No I'm not. I am not silly," the puppy have taken an offence, and got under the bed, "I just wished to get acquainted. Forgive me!" it has put out an attractive face, and has there and then got its bitters with a wet rag.
In the room, I have put the lead on its neck and have tied it to the back of a chair. Then I have fenced the chair with two pillows from the sofa, and have covered all this strange construction with a blanket.
The chair has reeled, pillows got down, and the lead at last was untied. The released puppy has rushed to the kitchen. I was helping mum to prepare the meal. She cut tasty sausage in thin slices, and I laid the table.
But I have made the other decision: "If you do not wish to play my games then sit in the corridor," and I have closed the door of the room. This night the puppy has lead on a carpet. It couldn't fall asleep sleep. It was laying and peering into the darkness.
"Still I am just a small puppy and do not know much, therefore I make silly things, for which they punish me," the pu ...
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