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Planning, assessment and evaluation

The course unit may be done on the lines of a teacher-structured unit or on teacher/student collaborative planning. The model units that prepared here are teacher-structured units.
Lesson planning follows from the unit planning process. During unit planning, activities are selected, analyzed, and modified. An initial sequence of lessons is outlined. In essence, lesson planning involves an enhancement of the unit plan to make the day-to-day activities of the class flow more smoothly and produce maximum success.
It is necessary to read the Unit overview and the Concept of development sections. Develop an idea about the nature and scope of the unit, and how it fits into the Level. It should be determined that how the unit focus relates to other subjects and how joint learning opportunities may be used to enhance students' experiences. Before moving further create an outline or a web that summarizes the unit. It should show the major concepts to be considered during the unit as well as associated sub concepts and links to other areas of study. In light of what you understand about the unit and the nature of the students in the class, choose learning objectives that you feel are appropriate. Following steps should be considered for teacher-student planning.
A lesson plan is a comprehensive and pre ...
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Education is a process of creating sound mind in sound body. Selection of appropriate curriculum, planning suitable and extensive unit and lesson plan and finally assessing and evaluating the outcome are main phases of this process at any level. Various methodologies are being used for teaching students at various levels…
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