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The management of financial risks in the telecom industry

To study the financial risks of telecom industries, we will also introduce information regarding telecom sectors from countries such as India, China, and Philippines and so on to give an enhanced overview of existing practices. In this dissertation proposal, we will adequately sum up the reasons for this research, why it is significant, what methodology needs to be adopted, how information will be obtained and so on.
As mentioned in the abstract, the purpose of this dissertation proposal is to study financial risk management in the existing telecom industry. Today, telecommunication is widespread and devices such as telephones, radios, internet, instant messaging and so on facilitate the process of communication. By definition, financial risk management means the process of identifying, evaluating and reducing financial risks.
The telecommunication industry suffers from a number of problems such as market saturation2, financial recession, growing consumer prospects and so on. ...
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The telecom industry is of utmost importance in today's globalised world and the purpose of this dissertation proposal is to study financial risk management in the telecom industry. Far from popular belief, the telecommunication industry also suffers from a number of problems such as market saturation1, financial recession, growing consumer prospects and so on…
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