Nurses Irony Poem

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This poem is written keeping the same thing in mind and this poem highlights the same caring and selfless behavior of a nurse, though a nurse is also not prone to human tendencies which she develops with her interaction with the society and the learning got during her lifetime from the same, but our nurse has been a part of so called poor society where human emotions have always triumphed on the economic and power relations.


Now her nurse side plays its role and she starts to become more considerate towards the child and she starts waning away from her own child, these feeling are not coming in her as sympathy or empathy for the child but because of the irony that in spite of all the resources the child is so helpless, so alone, and at the same time so negligent to the world that the feeling towards him automatically arose in her and she finds herself in a very helpless situation, one side it's her mothers emotions that are playing the role and the other side her selfless and emotions that are developing for the child.
Might be that's why she is a nurse or we can say she is destined to be a nurse, as she is ready to take any curse any punishment in order to occupy the position of the mother of the child and at the same time become indifferent towards her very own, she is being pulled from two directions but the thought of her own child, her very own self and the thought of any wrong is not enough for her being pulled from the selfless emotions being developed in her.
This poem reflects the irony of a situation and the role of human behavior on it which in ...
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