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Personal Values Development

For employees to be productive in an organization, they need to hold positive attitudes toward the elements of organizational life. For example, one should view such factors as work, authority, taking risks in decision making, the need for control, and the need for change in a positive way. I try to avoid a negative attitudinal posture toward these factors because they will keep one's job satisfaction continually low as well as stimulate considerable resistance to many normal organizational processes and activities. Someone with the wrong attitudes shies away from high effort because the performance it yields is not perceived as worthy. It is not "real" performance from the viewpoint of the employee (Langan, 1994).
Personal values develop during a long time and are influenced by work environment and communication. I pay a special attention to understanding of my colleagues and effective communication, high standards of work performance and personal growth. Strong ethical principles help me to solve problems of daily life and behave morally in difficult situations. Problem-solving skill is the ability to identify, define, and resolve difficulties. One with this skill has an inquisitive mind, an ability to reason, and a desire to search for truth. ...
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In the broad sense, attitudes and values are a dimension of personality and, therefore, constitute a portion of one's ability profile. Attitudes are predispositions toward something. They tend to be either positive or negative. Personal values have a great impact on the workplace and performance of every employee…
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Personal Values Development Paper
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Personal Values Development Paper
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