American women's rights

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In the early twentieth century the relationships transformed between the people and the government and America became training ground for the then generation. The Amendments made on Prohibition and woman suffrage gave the best results in the era. In the early part of last century, however, women appeared in all countries who claimed the right of their sex to participate in the government of democratic countries.1 The period 1900 to 1918 was remarked as the "Age of Social Reform" as in this period the country was changing from agrarian to an urban society.


The impulse spread from farmers to politicians to put the effort to reform. Therefore Roosevelt became the first president to support the labor and assigned the government a direct role and duty to all the people.
The new women's colleges were opened and there the female reformers were educated. These females who were white middle class young women handled the "problem " of Immigrant, who constituted "dark skinned" Italians, peasant Jews and immigrants from southeastern Europe.
The middle class women were barred to possess the professional educational qualifications pursue Consumer's League, and "Americanizing" centers known as settlement houses. These organizations targeted to wipe off the corruption and vice bred by the men their career. So, the women formed into groups and had built themselves as associations to take active part in the public life. Some of the associations are Women's Trade Union League, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the National. Referred as "women of achievement".3 .
The women succeeded in their campaign to get the right to vote. ...
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