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Are the effects of a diasporic reality to blame for the apparent obsession of Chinese citizens living abroad who long to return to a reformed China This thought has baffled many a theorist, as China enchants all who come in close proximity to her charms. Is it their love for the diversity of the food The healing properties of herbal medicine and acupuncture as mastered by Chinese physicians have truly increased foreigners love for all things Chinese, as it appears that there is nothing that can not be accomplished in China…


C.T. Hsia has made strong assertions in the article, "Obsession with China: The Moral Burden of Modern Chinese Literature". To truly understand Hsia's views, it is essential that we carefully analyze key excerpts of the article. Note the following:
"What distinguishes the "modern" phase of Chinese literature from the traditional phase is rather its burden of moral contemplation: its obsessive concern with China as a nation afflicted with a spiritual disease and therefore unable to strengthen itself or change its set ways of inhumanity."
Chinese citizens operating from a diasporic identity clearly feel it is their duty to articulate the horrors that occur in china concerning oppression of and human rights abuses against Chinese citizens. ...
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