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Research Proposal - Essay Example

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On the other hand, despite the efforts made for the limitation of the disease’s symptoms there have been no particular progress in the disease’s treatment. For this reason, the development of new…

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Research Proposal

In the above context, the identification and the analysis of the requirements related with a new seizure clinic specifically involved in the treatment of epilepsy have been considered to be issues of significant advantage for patients around the world. The design and the development of such a clinic could help patients worldwide to improve their health on a daily basis by limiting the consequences and the symptoms of the disease. It should be noticed that the research on the particular issue (appearance and development of epilepsy) has been extensive and quite long. However, no particular improvement, on the health of patients suffering from the specific disease, has been noticed. It is perhaps the people involved do not comply with the rules set by the medical community or even they do not accept the significance of the disease for their health. In many cases, because of the usually short duration of the disease’s symptoms, persons suffered tend to deny their problem avoiding proceeding to the necessary treatment. Regarding this issue, the establishment of a new seizure clinic could lead to the increase of the volume and the quality of consultancy offered to patients but only in terms that the suggested measures are taken by patients and the proposed treatment is followed strictly. The ‘innovative characteristic’ of this clinic would be its target (limited to the treatment of the particular disease) and the quality of services provided to patients.
Current study will be involved specifically with the establishment of a new seizure clinic for people suffering from epilepsy. For this reason, all issues related with this disease’s appearance and the development (both from medical and from sociological perspective) are going to be examined thoroughly. Any potential negative influence will be also highlighted in order to avoid the establishment of private ...
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