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Ancident and Medieval Cities History Question 2

For example, figure 3.4 shows a boat being towed across a river which means river traffic is being controlled by the administrators on land. This certainly shows that the city had grown to a point where traffic on the river could cause confusion and even traffic jams which had to be avoided in order to keep Rome running efficiently. Just as the Romans had created pathways for clean water coming into the city and pathways for removing dirty water out of the city, their river transport systems allowed more to be done in less time.
Of course the input of more goods coming from around the empire meant that the Romans needed specific ways and better methods for storing the goods that were coming to them. To handle this, they created granaries like the ones shown in figure 3.5 which allowed food and grain to remain fresh for longer periods of time than before. As reported by Dunn et. al. (2006), technological innovations allow cities to build more and grow at a faster rate than other cities and the expansion of Rome not only created the requirement for improved technology, it also answered the requirements with improvements in technology.
In fact, such innovations are just a few of the total innovations which the Romans called on to help them in growing their city in a stable manner. For example, the presence of social services such as a city wide fire management system and the ability of their engineers to build multistory houses and apartment buildings only helped in expanding the city (Wikipedia, 2007). At the same time, their engineers and technologists also helped in expanding the overall size of the Roman Empire with the creation of empire wide systems of management that were greatly helped by the Roman development of paved roads and tracks.
These roads allowed not only the fast movement of troops and legions but also of goods ...Show more


The development of the wheel, the discovery of fire and other basics form the root of our civilization but further advances such as knowing how to transport…
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Ancident and Medieval Cities History Question 2 essay example
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