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You must take note of the industrial norms, i.e. the competitors which are already existent within the relevant market. This will make you realize the extent of scope that will be successful when you decide to open up London Pride. When you know about the competition right from the onset then you also discern that how they are playing upon their strengths and what weaknesses exist within their realms. Their weak points are significant since you could play with them and implement them in your own health and fitness club. Their strengths could be replicated and you could incorporate strategies which will make you successful as well. (Baker, 1970) In fact you can exceed the strengths by giving more value to the eventual customers or members of the health and fitness clubs than the competitors are providing at the present. If the marketing environment is dull and mundane, you would have to instill confidence within the customers to come and try for their own betterment the facilities available at your health and fitness club and thus become fitter and healthier in their respective lives. The marketing environment which exists for London Pride will dictate the way under which you will exploit the strengths that you bring to the table and close down the weaknesses that are already existent within the industry. Now it up to you as to how you balance the positive and the negative stance presented by the industry and how you will counter the very same in a head on manner. Your business is what you must concern yourself with and for that you need to devise a strategy which will not only be wholesome but also exclusive for your own business. The business will only gain from the marketing environment and you should make sure that the hurdles that come your way must not deter you in the wake of launching this health and fitness club. You must get your act together and do ...
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A health and fitness club is a must in the time and age of today, more so with the fitness regimes becoming all the more worsening with the passage of time. As a friend, I would advise you on certain areas which you need to take note of, implement in a fairly good manner and opt…
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