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The central nervous system comprises of the brain and the spinal chord. The brain is located within the skull, safely enclosed with several layers of tissues and cerebrospinal fluid, and is responsible for transmitting and receiving signals or messages via the spinal chord. The messages emitted by the brain are carried through the spinal chord by the peripheral nervous system which in turn is composed of nerves known as the cranial nerves and the spinal nerves. The brain together with the nervous system facilitates reactions and reflexes towards the external environment.
The term Psychology is defined in various ways by different researchers. According to Hayes (1993) “Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and experience”. According to Angell (1973), the term psychology is defined as “Psychology is commonly defined as the science of consciousness. It is the business of a science systematically to describe and explain the phenomena with which it is engaged. Mental facts of consciousness constitute the field of psychology”.
There are various perspectives on psychology such as the Psychoanalytic or the Psychodynamic perspective founded and propagated by Freud, Humanistic Perspective, Behavioral, Cognitive as well as Neuroscience or Biological perspective (Eysenck, 1994). The Psychoanalytic perspective is concerned with studying of unconscious processes which is based on the theory that the structure of the human mind comprise of ego and superego which struggle to capture the energy of the human psyche. The Humanistic perspective is based on the belief that all human beings possess unique potentials and stresses on the positive aspect of the human nature. The Behavioral theory founded by John Watson, believes that psychology is the study of measurable physical responses to environmental stimuli.
The theory of Psychosexual Development which was put forward by Freud, states that a child passes ...
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It controls various functions of the body ranging such as synchronizing various body movements, controls balancing and postures, receives and interprets…
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