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Automatic teller machine

The second question deals with, if you were to take the $500 out of one machine and then go to another, what would happen? You would most likely get a message that your daily limit had been exceeded. You would most likely have to wait until 24 hours had passed to withdraw money.
The third question asks what is on my card. There is my name, the Visa logo, my 16-digit card number, and the three-letter code on the back. In addition, there is a background I chose.
The fourth question asks how the information is used. The name is used to verify identity, the 16-digit card number is used to access the account, and the three-digit code is sometimes used for further verification.
The fifth question asks what happens when the wrong card number is used. If the wrong card number is used, the transaction is canceled. If it is the wrong pin number, the machine will ask you to re-enter the pin number.
The sixth question asks why there are pauses between the steps of a transaction. This could be for a number of reasons. To name a few, the machine could be counting money or verifying information from the card. Pauses do not just happen with people at the realm.
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The first question asks how much money one is allowed to take out. This, of course, depends upon the limit set forth by the bank and is often set up when the account is first established by the cardholder. Typically, it is $500 or so. That seems to be the most popular figure…
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