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the Lord of Rings

Another similarity is in the description of the dead soldiers who wandered into the marshes and drowned. Frodo talks about these soldiers on page 614 after Sam trips and falls. The fact that the dead are not all just evil people is similar to the disillusionment the WWI poets seem to have felt about war. War had killed a lot of people, and many of them were good people, and this was upsetting. Seigfried Sassoon’s “Does it Matter?” and Robert Graves’ “To Robert Nichols” are good real-world examples of this.
I think Tolkien approached his writing this way both because he knew people would be able to relate to his story more if it was described in a realistic manner. The image he wants to give us of these marshes is not a happy one, so he uses similar imagery to that used by some of the poets in WWI, who were thoroughly depressed about what was going on around ...
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Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is set in a fantasy world, it does contain elements or images from the real world. One of these elements is imagery from World War I, which had a damaging effect on many people’s imagination in Europe when it occurred.
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