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International Marketing Report

Type of Government: UK has a constitutional monarchical form of government and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. The constitution of the nation is based on the traditions of the common law and is influenced by the early Roman and continental laws.
Administrative Machinery: The administrative machinery of the nation is divided into the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The Queen holds the position of the head of the state and is closely assisted by the Prime minster. The prime Minister is also aided in the decision making process by his council of Ministers who manage specific portfolios are also elected democratically (CIA, “United Kingdom”).
Education Policy: The government of United Kingdom includes education as one of its most primary areas of concern. This is important considering the fact that approximately large percentage population of UK s in the age group of 18-22 years. In addition UK is also considered to be one of the most favoured destinations for foreign students especially from nations like China. This is important as they contribute a large amount towards the economy of the nation. The government of the nation realises that education would hold primary importance for the economic and social well being of the nation. The government has been known to pursue policies that seek to promote the spread of education among the masses. The government also provides large scale financial assistance to educational institutions for various degree and professional courses. Specifically the government is trying to encourage educational institutions to develop more flexible programs that are largely popular with the international students. The government also proposes to develop greater e-learning modules which are gaining large scale popularity among the students across the world. The administrative machinery of UK is divided into four zones. Out of these zones England has the highest ...
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The PESTEL framework is an acronym for Political, Economical, Sociological, Technological and Legal factors. The analysis of these factors would help in uncovering the market information with…
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