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Fascist Italy to Nazi Germany

This embarrassed Germany to a point of grudge. In the case of Italy, factions who were against its involvement during the First World War blamed its regime for taking part on the costly war that crippled their economy and prestige.
However, both German Nazism and Italian Fascism had different goals and treatment on how they run their government and national affairs. Italian Fascism seeks to create an organic state by incorporating all aspects of national society. The focus was an economically self-sustaining and expanding empire with a strong and unified society. This was seen during Benito Mussolini’s initial act to create a strong government by uniting all political factions for national progress. Macdonald (1999) stated that, “Mussolini set up the Fascist Grand Council to work alongside the government Council of Ministers which included non-Fascists” (p.20). The goal of Italian Fascism was to try to restore Italy’s old glory while expanding its sphere of influence in Europe and its neighboring regions. This resulted to Italy’s early invasion of North Africa and Ethiopia during the opening stages of the Second World War.
German Nazism also aims for national development and progress. In the case of Nazism, however, the way toward this goal was through their idea of a purity of race. In the eyes of Nazism under Adolf Hitler, Germany was in ruins because the Jews in Germany never took part in the First World War for Germany. Hitler also considered the Jews, who were mostly prominent businessmen and merchants, to have weakened German economy by making a fortune only for themselves. At the same time, German Nazism also abhorred the Slavic people and communists. Homosexuals and gypsies were looked down upon as a lesser group of people compared to the German populace. Hitler had a special hatred for the Jews though, and this fueled his sense of ...
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Nazism was making a push for state control in Germany while Fascism was gaining ground in Italy. Both Nazism and Fascism have similar…
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