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Literacy Narrative

This made me have a hard time to establish relationships with my colleagues especially because my parents pushed me hard to maintain good grades while I struggle to resist the diversions like my love for soccer. Because of this, I had to balance my time for academics and at the same time extracurricular activities and make sure not one of which would pull one down. Sooner, I realized that the free society of America was to my advantage because it had given me the freedom that I did not enjoy at home. Whenever I am in school or with friends, I am truly me. However, the price to pay for that freedom would be the fact that I had to be more responsible for my own actions and the consequences of which.
During my whole experience, one of the most useful lessons I learned would be learning how other foreign students survive and at the same time enjoy themselves in this situation. This really made my life a lot easier as I would not have to go through the rocky roads instead, walk in the paved ones already.
Another would be knowing that practice makes perfect. Thus, to do so, during the weekly get togethers in the Global Heritage Hall of the campus, I threw myself in every conversation I can have with friends that spoke English because I know it would strengthen my language grasp and command over spoken and written English. Aside from that, I even made more friends, two of whom were Americans who had come from Texas. It was the time when I found out that surviving language barrier was not an impossible dream at all.
My journey did not stop with just learning new English words and putting it all together to make a sensible statement. One of the important factors in learning a new language would be humor. I consider it as a vital factor that connected people of different walks in life and race not only through words but at the same time through memorable dialogue and helped us to overcome the awkwardness of the language wall. I ...
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When I had come to America, the technological advancement, gender equality, and the competitive academic world where students could set their goals and reach them independently were some of the things that motivated me…
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