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Are cultures converging across the world? - Essay Example

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There is the internet and massive communications technology that helps us stay in contact across national boundaries as if they dont exist. People in China are able to study at schools in the United States and companies in…

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Are cultures converging across the world?

Its a process that has been talked about a lot in political and social circles, and on the media, for many years. In most cases, it seems to be concluded that this convergence of cultures is a necessary and unavoidable aspect of the future global environment. A lot of people have said globalization is evil because it increases the current inequality between nations by privileging the nations that behave like the United States and punishing those that try to hold onto their own cultures. It also threatens jobs and living standards for people in all countries either as the talent is pulled from each nation into a shrinking number of openings or as jobs are outsourced to areas that have lower living standards and therefore the people are willing to take lower pay. With the way these cultures are colliding, the natural social progress of every country has been affected. Even though it isnt likely that there is a way to stop this process or to reverse it, it is important to try to understand how the individual nations and the people in them are changing in good ways and in bad ways to see that the cultures are collapsing.
As it became easier and easier to communicate across very long distances and even share files and participate in live, face-to-face meetings with the use of two screens with the internet, businesses and organizations have forced cultures to come together. It is an important part of capitalism to try to increase the productivity of the company at the same time that it tries to reduce the amount of money spent to make that productivity happen. It is for this reason that many corporations have participated in the process of bringing cultures together. They will often outsource their production processes to countries where there are fewer restrictions and they can pay lower and sell the products to countries that have more money so they can charge more for it. “Global markets offer greater ...
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