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Scholarship Essay example - Paper on "coming of age" on a personal experience, lessons learned, and how it transitioned me into adulthood. The specific experience was about a night of teen drinking that landed me in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. I was not arrested, assaulte

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Scholarship Essay
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I remember the eve of that New Year, just aged 17 then. Being a festive season, I had been granted permission by my parents to attend a party with my friends, but only…

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Afraid to go home that drunk, I walked to my friend’s home, drunk and basically staggering. For a whole year, my parents kept reminding me to thank God because in my state, I was not raped, assaulted, robbed or arrested. On reaching my friend’s home, I passed out and it was the mother that called for an ambulance to rush me to hospital for alcohol poisoning.
When my parent learnt of my predicament, they felt disappointed with my behavior and felt I had the trust they had in me. As a punishment to deter such behavior from ever happening again, my parents made me pay for all the hospital and ambulance expenses. They knew I had money to do that as I had bragged to them the way my savings were adequate enough to buy me a car in the coming year. This depleted my savings and I had to restart all over again. In addition, they could not allow me to leave the house for six months, a curfew which made me reflect on my behavior and coming to age to understand that for each action, there would be a consequence hence the need to be accountable for each action. Today, I am an adult responsible for each action I undertake and make sure that the consequences are desirable as opposed to being swayed away by peer influence as discouraged by ...
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