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globalisation and crime report - Essay Example

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Globalisation is the process of international integration that has been effected through interchanging of philosophies, ideas, products, technology, and other aspects of culture between different nations across the globe (Loader & Sparks, 2002). Advances in communication,…

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globalisation and crime report

That notwithstanding, with improvements in the transport sector an individual can decide to conduct business in foreign countries by moving freely from one location to the next i.e. a person living in Nigeria can transact business in Abu Dhabi and return home the very day. In essence, the issue of international integration has been made easier thus keeping the entire world in touch with each other (Barak, 2009).
Globalisation has enabled people to follow world events conveniently from wherever they are in the world since they affect them. Through social media people know what is happening around the world in real-time without having to travel all those distances, updates in social media and international news outlets makes information dissemination quick and convenient as persons around the globe can keep up in touch with the affairs of the world in real time (Loader & Sparks, 2002). Increased integration on a global front has led to a significant number of issues being managed from a global front, for instance, there are universal laws that govern the action of each individual, the world economy is also being monitored at a global level, etc. (Barak, 2009).
Comparative criminology is primarily concerned with crime and trends in criminal justice systems across various cultural, historical and geopolitical contexts. It seeks to unravel how different societies view crime and how they respond to crime. The primary aim of comparative criminology is to elaborate the similarities and differences of the various communities’ response to crime and explain the legal processes that are taken in response to such acts (Siegel, 2012). Comparative criminology is basically theoretical in nature since it is based on examining statistical records of various societies to assist it to come up with theoretical evaluation and testing of the data to come up with informed assumptions. Furthermore, comparative ...
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