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Name Institution Instructions Course Date Bob Marley’s Uprising Album The uprising is one of the most famous albums by Bob Marley which was released in the year 1980. This album became a hit in charts around the world and was the highest in the UK charts.


Bob Marley songs are still popular among the reggae lovers in the world today and he has been ranked among the top 100 high earning dead musicians. Marley was a Jamaican reggae artist who was a follower of the Rastafarian movement and his songs are mostly spiritual revealing his religious believes. The theme of love also features greatly in his compositions. This article is a review of the album uprising and the songs contained in the CD. Bob Marley is an icon of the reggae music and has inspired many reggae artists around the globe. He is one of the classical reggae musicians whose songs are still popular over 30 years since his death. His appeal to the international audience has been as a result of the fact that in most of his songs, Marley talk about freedom and emancipation from bondage. He encourages people to have an open mind and not let other people dictate their actions. He calls people to resist oppression with many guerilla fighters quoting him as the source of inspirations in their resistance. After releasing this album, Marley and the wailers organized an international tour with the aim of visiting and performing in different countries in the globe. The tour started in Zunich Switzerland and ended in Pittsburg Pennsylvania which was his last concert before his demise. He performe3d in Milan Italy at the San Siros stadium has the largest turn out with around 120000 people. ...
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