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This include, wind, varying voices and string instruments. This resulted to the advent of concerto, a genre whereby one or various soloists play in opposition to varying players. Multiple soloists were a major feature of early concertos. This is in contrast to the contemporary genre where a genre consists of a soloist aided with orchestral accompaniment. Vivaldi introduced a standard form in the early concertos. This was after completion of over 500 concertos and this was later to be imitated by other composers. This form entailed three movement types, which are fast slow then fast. The fast movement involved refrain or ritornello form. The orchestra had the responsibility to present theme of music in the ritornello or opening section. This was then followed by the soloist introducing unrelated material in subsequent passages leading to modulated new keys. The orchestra would again interrupt with ritornello in a new key then interrupted by the soloist again. These alterations proceeded until that time ritornello signaled the conclusion of movement through the keys. Vivaldi achieved a lot especially via the work Le Quattro stagioni (The four seasons) that he is best remembered for. This entails consist of sets of concertos usually for solo violin. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Music Programming Music communicates in a variety of ways to its target audience. The composers use different tactics to reach out to the audience and connect them with the musical themes. Music is effectively used in illustrating, narrating, depicting character, and work out some emotional response in the audience…
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