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Nirvana The 1990's saw the emergence of a new era in the music world. Populated by new age rock bands and a unique sound that was to define the decade, the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Temple of the Dog are all important reminders of the era when Grunge began finding its place in the music scene amidst the attention being heaped upon the dominant hip-hop music of the era.


Nirvana as a band is credited with bringing the Grunge music movement to the forefront of the industry. Before they burst onto the music scene with their raw, realistic, sometimes painful to listen to music, the scene was dominated by hip-hop artists whose presence seemingly did not leave much room for a new movement in the industry. Little did anyone know that the small band out of Seattle was slowly emerging as the voice of a generation. Performing at concerts such as “Live and Loud” in the United States (Toffler, Van “Nirvana Live and Loud: The Movement that Grunge Built , By Van Toffler”) and “Sub Pop” in Europe, Nirvana was well on its way to launching its history making career. The American underground music scene was not going to be hidden any longer. Nirvana was one of the pioneers of the Sub-Pop culture that, simply stated, made it “cool to be an outsider” (Goldberg, Eric “Experiencing Nirvana: An Interview with Bruce Pavitt”). ...
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