Music Article: Bob Dylan's folk music

Music Article: Bob Dylan
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman in May 24, 1941, he grew up in Hibbing where he learnt how to play he guitar and harmonica when he was as young as six, in high school he formed a rock and roll band called the golden chords.


He quit college while in his first year and moved to New York to visit Woody Guthrie who was his Idol, but was in hospital as well as trying to start a musical career for himself. From February 1961, he played at several words in Greenwich Village and it was here that he befriended and gathered material and inspiration from the many folk singers who were in the village folk scene such as Van Ronk Dave and the Clancy brothers. He came to musical prominence after he played the harmonica for Carolyn Hester’s album and he was spotted by John Hammond who signed him up on his first deal with Columbia records, the rest as they say, is history. His influence in music cannot be overestimated, he was outstanding in various fields and he significantly developed and expanded the musical scene in the sixties and later years with his innovative daring and liberal ideas. He shattered the notion that for one to be a vocalist, they must have what was traditionally considered a good or refined voice, up to today there are many who have criticized him for his rough voice. Nevertheless, this has not gotten in the way of his success and in any case it has made people listen past the voice to the words which are the real deal, there can be no doubt as to the fact that he radically redefined the vocalist role in popular music. ...
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