Essay sample - The development of the orchestra revolutionized concert music in Northern and Central Europe during the Classical period (ca. 17

The development of the orchestra revolutionized concert music in Northern and Central Europe during the Classical period (ca. 17 Essay example
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Development of Orchestra Concert Music in the Classical Period Name Course Instructor Date Introduction Music is one of the aspects that exist in most cultural groups in the world. All tribal groups all over the world including the marginalized have their own forms of music…


These developments occur under the influence of other cultural aspects like technology, economic advances, and social organization, among others. The purpose music plays in a culture vary according to the period and region within which it is played. The various centuries in history have had different developments in the forms of music. The essay that follows discusses the development of orchestra revolutionized concert music in Northern and Central Europe during the Classical period. European experienced a myriad of changes in its political, social, and economic organization. Different periods in European history came with different advances in the three cultural aspects. Development of music in the classical period is a result of developments in the periods preceding it. Each period had music of its own kind, which differed from the other in terms of composition, instruments and textual input. These periods included the medieval period, renaissance period, and the baroque period, which gave way for the classical period (Estrella, 2013). In order to understand the development of orchestra revolutionized concert music during the classical era, there is a need to consider music in the Baroque period. This is because classical period music advanced from music in the Baroque period. The transition to classical period music comes from a musical style called Rococo in the Baroque period. ...
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