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­ Jazz Music Student’s name Course/Number Date Instructor’s name Jazz Music Jazz is one of the key genres of music. For an effective development, and performance of a jazz music, there should not be less than two and not more than twenty people playing the musical instruments and doing the actual singing of the jazz.


When these features are followed by a jazz ensemble, the genre of music becomes entertaining and well-received by the audience. In jazz, Rizzo (1997) points out that an artist will research the taste and preference of audience, the season, time, and age of the audience before engaging them in an entertaining session. These factors determine the kind or extent of additives that should be used to improvise the music during performance. When each member of the band pays close attention to the improvisation, the outcome can be of a higher standard compared with other music genres that are written and which the band has to follow standard and sometimes boring notes and song (Kramer, 2009). With improvisation comes the response of the audience from the performances of the soloist and the singers. In most cases, the stanzas voiced by the soloist are followed by those that require participation of the singers or participants forming so as to create rhyme. The audience response is common mostly in African musicians that are fond of it. According to Rosenthal (1993), making a strong beat weak and weak beat strong or syncopation is also synonymous with jazz music. ...
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