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James Brown Dance Tribute at the Apollo Theater:The show opens with the Apollo’s Legacy Series, that attempts to regain the theater’s legacy through contemporary productions. Brown is an inescapable subject associated with it


This is the house where he launched his first album in 1963. In this program, Otis Sallid’s direction basically allows the different choreographers use their innovation and do their job. They might end up producing something extraordinary using effectively the remarkably multitalented dancers of Philadanco. The choreography of Mr. Sallid is like a “harmless fun”(Seibert, 2010). Amid those a couple of Soul Train Dance parties linking the vernacular steps which was invented as well as mixed and matched by Brown. According to the review of Seibert (2013), in this performance Sallid’s performance was straight-up simulation, where as Derick K. Grant does an inspiring replication of the departed celebrity of the show. Mr. Grant’s performance mainly his footwork reveals a source of Brown’s swiveling style. Another interesting part associated with this program is the solo of Akash Odedra. His program was more of a whirling blend of Kathak and contemporary. Thang Dao’s part is a “tone-deaf display of balletic technique, clunky with references to Brown’s domestic abuse” (Seibert, 2013) Here Abdel Salaam’s role is more natural, and it expressed Brown’s racial political undertones quite bluntly yet incoherently. Review of Funk Box: The Funk Box drum machine is a new age fantastically developed a retro style drum machine which is loaded with most well known drum machine sounds from 70’s and 80s. ...
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