Forging ideas and opinions about music

Forging ideas and opinions about music Essay example
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Name: Course Name: Instructor: Date: Forging Ideas and Opinions about Music Music continues to shape the world in diverse ways. Its history is as old as time itself. It carries aspects of culture, history, traditions and values, having social, economic and political impact on the society.


Discriminations on basis of cultural affiliation have been a trending issue in the music industry. In his topic of discussion ‘Highbrow, Lowbrow, Voodoo Aesthetics’, Robert Walser brings up the controversies behind music and races. He notes that the opinions and mindsets among several people in the population have been biased in regards to the racial and cultural affiliations, the whites usually being placed highly, demonstrating what he calls ‘highbrows’. The music does not only affect the musicians by the acceptance they get but also the listeners are given regard based on the music they listen to (Walser 235-237). Classical music continue to have popularity, interviewing heavy metal music lovers Walser found that they viewed metal music as the most important in their lives but were swift to recognize the wisdom and superiority of classical music. However, cultural hierarchy in music does not influence all individuals; some have beaten odds and drawn from other cultures. For example, rock guitarists of have been able to draw from the techniques and procedures in classical music. Eddie Van Halen not only facilitated technological techniques that saw the making of the Baroque models but also showed how to play speedy arpeggios on the guitar. He spearheaded a revolution that also saw a revolution in the rock guitar (Walser 242-3). ...
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