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Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Classical music Concert Attendance Report I listened casually and just enjoyed the catchyness of the vocals and the guitar solo. I was not much attentive to each note the musician played on each and every single instrument used, to the lyrics and the way the singer held out a note and the emotion conveyed in the line, to the drumming behind everything else.


There were also some brass, trumpets and horns. Additionally, there was a solo violist who had high level professional performing abilities. Such full symphonic orchestra included the four music families which were the strings, Brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments. The performance setting was in an auditorium and the conductor including other performers were dressed in formal outfit, considered mostly to be black and white suites and dresses. Style of the music music performed was led gracefully with dulcet andantes and fierce prestos. A violin with a very light and brilliant quality of sound was used, the sound created images of the ethereal realm within audience minds. The violinist had a very bright and lighthearted personality, the very characteristic of a violin which revealed their interest. Instrumentation of the Ochestra The musicians were divided into four main sections which included; string section, the woodwind section, the brass section, and the percussion section. Each section had their own instruments, in the string section, woodwind, brass section were pitched in different ranges such as voices in a choir. Various instruments in each section were arranged in order from those with highest range to lowest. ...
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