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History and Impact of Guitar on Today’s Music Name: Institution: Abstract The sole purpose of this research paper is to explore the different aspects of guitar as one of the most musical instruments. This paper includes a discussion of the general overview of a guitar (definition and structure), and a detailed analysis of the various types of guitar that have existed since invention.


Keywords: Guitar, Music, instrument Introduction Guitar is a stringed musical instrument commonly used in most of the production of music. It is a versatile instrument made of wood, and it enables the composition of complex harmonies and intonation (Hempstead & Worthington, 2005). The instrument consists of two parts; the neck from which the strings originate and the body on which the strings terminate (Wade, 2001). It is one of the most played musical instruments after piano. Most guitars have six strings, but there are some with four while others have twelve strings. Allan (2002) says that a guitar produces sound by the playing of its strings. The sound produced gets projected through electrical amplification or acoustically (for the case of electrical and acoustic guitars respectively). Playing a guitar involves plucking the strings with one hand while fretting the strings with the other hand (Hempstead & Worthington, 2005). It is one of the most fundamental musical instruments because of its convenience. It is easy to carry a guitar around because it is light and portable as compared with drums and piano (Wheeler, 1980). ...
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