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Name Tutor Course Date Managed Multi-culturalism in Eastern Europe, South America and china Eastern Europe has a diverse group of individuals. This consists of Slavic, Latin, Germanic, Thracian Celtic, Hellenic, Uralic, Illyrian, and also other cultures that are influenced through the importation of religious cultures of Muslim, Hebraic, Christian, and many other systems of belief.


For example, for Muslim, chanting of the Koran is not musical while for a Christian, chanting or any form of rhythm that has melodic structure is considered musical. Therefore, bringing together individuals in Eastern Europe can be a hard task. For the Southern America part, there exist many cultures that are diverse in nature and require to be united. The larger part is the Afro-American individuals, the Irish and the Southerners. The most dominant language used is English, although they have different cultural belief for music. While in china, there is not much of the variation of cultures apart from the various dynasties. As a result, most of their cultures are in harmony with each other. Managed culturalism has enabled the areas to be able to adapt various cultures in music. For example, the Chinese can perform South American music and vice versa. In some instances, some cultures have fused their music like form the Eastern Europe fused music with the Afro-Americans music. The main purpose for cultural fusion in music culture of these areas is to make their culture to be more diverse in nature. Music culture differs in these areas due to the varied instruments that they use, the harmonies that they use and the type of music that are chosen for each event. ...
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