Leadership Issues - Managing Diversity

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Leadership Issues – Managing Diversity Introduction The force of globalization has effectively altered the way businesses are done. This was furthered fuelled by dramatic improvements in technology which greatly enhanced communications capabilities that has effectively brought countries and cultures closer to each other.


Hence, multinational companies have increased their presence in most Asian economies such as China. These multinational companies have seen the growing potential because of the massive improvement in this country that has greatly benefitted from almost three decades of reforms (Warner 2008). Managing in the Chinese Empire The entry of these multinational companies has likewise necessitated the presence of foreign managers to help in the management as well as operations of these multinationals in the Chinese soil. Hence, it was the expatriates that have been tapped for this role. It is their job to supply the necessary skills, both managerial and technical, so that the local counterpart can cope up with the operations of the parent company. Likewise, it is hoped that the presence of the expatriate will greatly enhance the relationship between the foreign and domestic managers of the company. However, be it China or other country, it is important for the foreign counterparts assigned to these areas to be able to recognize the requirements of the different cultures that they are being immersed into. ...
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