Management Information systems- Business company system

Management Information systems- Business company system Essay example
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Management Information System for Small business Abstract: This project will provide a better solution to the problem of the concerned company within the cost constraint yet trying to help the company to effectively keep and manage its important records by making a little investment.


The objective of this shop is to sell sweets & cupcakes. Amal Saif started the business with help of her family since December 2008. “Amal Saif “is the owner of the shop and she has 2 employees who assist her in cooking & sale and take orders. And they are making a great repute amongst customer. Vision: The company’s core mission is to provide its customers a verity in sweets market. In the current age of globalization, the taste buds are acquiring some thing new almost every day. Food and food production are affecting our surroundings and capturing us in subtle and profound ways. Our food choices changes every day and with every individual it is now far more beyond only filling your appetite. Mini treats vision goes beyond daily bread to working more mindfully and providing the living community the better taste and especially making their sweet moments pleasurable with our wide range of sweets and cup cakes. Mission: Mini treats is totally an environmental based company working towards the satisfaction of its customer. Our core mission is to provide the best and the quality in our sweets also making it assure that they are according to the taste of all age levels. The sweets we provide must cover all the health measures. We also ensure that we follow and restrict our self in making environment clean and healthy. ...
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