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Music Essay Pow wow Pow wow redirects to a concept which indicates gathering of the native people of North America. The word, ‘pow wow’, has originated from the Narragansett word ‘powwaw’ which implies ‘spiritual leader’. Through the passage of time, the concept of pow wow has changed a lot and its modern form stands for a particular kind of event which is hosted by the gathering of both Native Americans and non-Native Americans who come together to sing, dance, celebrate life and find a platform to socialize.


If any pow wow is called for any special incident then it might extend to one week as well. The event of pow wow is marked by the set-up followed by dances. The set-ups of the pow wow events are generally marked by series of big circles. The central circle is exclusively made for dance and is taken as dancing area. The central circle is surrounded by the circles consisting of MC’s table, groups playing drums consequently followed by sitting areas provided for dancers and their families. Outside these greater circles there are areas for the people who have come to attend and see the show followed by allotted areas for vendors and suppliers of food, music items, costume, jewellery, souvenirs, native art and crafts, tribal bead works, leather items of the Native Americans, shops for the tribal tattoo works and suppliers for regalia. Pow wow event is marked by a grand opening. Mostly the grand opening is begun by a prayer session which is led by the Eagle Staffs. The entries of the Eagle Staffs are after the flags and then come the dancers. Next, one of the drummers from the hosting community follows the dancers. ...
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