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Introduction Different genres of music create specific expressions and responses from the audience. The approach to creating the music is one that redefines the response that is given while allowing musicians to take a different perspective to the creation that is being developed…


The electronic music genre is one that then establishes a different approach to the music and how it is perceived by the audience. As electronic music is explored as a genre, there is the ability to understand the different associations which it has that sets it apart from other forms of music. Production of Electronic Music The production of electronic music is one which differs from any other genre of music. In music such as pop, rock, hip hop, jazz or classical, musicians are required to practice and create the sounds in the study. For electronic music, the reliance on musicians and musical instruments changes to different needs. Instead of the established approach that is used with other forms of music, electronic musicians have to find the different sounds used. There is a creation of organized sound that comes from the instrumentation which is used and which establishes the different aspects of the music. This is inclusive of different loops and samples that are used with electronic makes. The production furthers with finding new sounds that grab the attention of the audience while mixing the different types of music into layers so it is easily understood by the audience. ...
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