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COMPARITIVE STUDY AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ELEMENTS IN D. H LOWRENCE’ THE SNAKE &SONSAND LOVERS An Artistic work, whether it is a novel, a poem short story may contain the prevailing moments in the life of the writer along with the emotions he drew from it. A study to analyze the auto biographical elements in a work wants a thorough understanding of the life of the writer.


Writer of passion, he represents a romantic strain in novel; perhaps his works belong to the prophetic order than aesthetic. They expose with tenacity the primacy of man’s primitive impulses and the benignity of the natural life. Sigmund Freud viewed art as a “substitute gratification “ or in other words fulfillment of ‘libidinous desires “. Here is an attempt to bring out such elements from the work of D H Lawrence by comparing his famous poem “The Snake and the novel Sons and Lovers.”. These two works can be analysed on the basis of psychological approach to literary criticism D H Lawrence feels that art is an ‘experience ‘and puts him in the tradition of those writers who feels that the richness of a work of art may be measured by the completeness and intenseness of the felt life. Graham Hough claims that for Lawrence, form is the embodiment of an experience and a form not lived through an experience was impossible for him”. This conception of art places Lawrence outside the tradition represented by such writers as Henry James, Flaubert and Joyce. There writers hold the idea that the artist must remain detached from life in order to see it clearly. On the other hand Lawrence art is more kinetic. ...
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