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Assignment example - Journal Entries outlining a song with the use of personal anecdote or historical fact

Journal Entries outlining a song with the use of personal anecdote or historical fact Assignment example
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[YOUR NAME HERE] [YOUR PROF NAME HERE] [YOUR CLASS NAME] 08 December, 2011 Diversion of Genres and American Musical Evolution America has always been a beacon of innovation and change in the music world. More genres of music were developed here than nearly anywhere else in the world, and American music has been largely responsible for shaping the face of global popular music today…

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Some branches wither and die, while others prosper and beget subsequent branches. This paper will begin in 1920, and progress in a more or less sequential order up to 1989. The only jags on our journey will be to explore an artist or a work in it’s entirety, regardless of associated dates. Where release years are identical, acts are sorted alphabetically. 1920 - Ted Lewis Jazz Band, “I'll See You in C-U-B-A” - This is a perfect example of the styles used by musicians to start scaling down from a big band size for smaller clubs, while still maintaining a bridge to the encompassing sound of big band. The contrast of merry horns and melancholy woodwinds always pulls back from the brink before conveying any true sense of discontent. The same general themes are repeated multiple times, but each with a new detail or elaboration. After the first denouement, there is a section with more pronounced percussion, leading into a whistling section that sounds remarkably like bird call, accentuating the idea of the gaiety of the initial horn lines. A second, much lower horn line comes in during the major reprise, providing an interesting duel and counterpoint with the first. The main theme repeats, and then with a cute little bounce, it ends, having arrived at its Cuban destination. ...
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