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Name: Hung Quy Tran Professors: Dr Jonathan Kolm/ Dr Jason Lovelace MUS 121 Music Appreciation I: Composer Project Date: August 8, 2011   Claude Debussy The French composer Claude Debussy was born on 22 August 1862 and died on 25th March 1918. His style of music is called Impressionist, though Debussy himself could never stand the use of that term.


If we consider Debussy’s music carefully, we can note the transition from the romantic compositions of the late 19th century to the modern music of the 20th century. Debussy was very much influenced by a movement called Symbolism which is shown in the art and culture of his times. The son of a small businessman and a seamstress, musician Claude Debussy was born in France in a locality known as St. Germain-en-Laye. His father owned a china shop. It was the time of the Franco-Prussian War and Debussy accompanied his pregnant mother to Cannes- the rest of the family moved to Paris. There Debussy was given piano lessons starting at the age of seven, paid for by his paternal aunt. His talent bloomed and at the age of ten, he was sent to the Paris Conservatorie, where he spent the next eleven years of his life, fortunate to study under such illustrious names as Ernest Guiraud (composition), Emile Durand (harmony), piano (Marmontel), organ (Cesar Franck) and Albert Lavingac (solfege). While he was clearly talented, his argumentative nature and refusal to conform to the teaching guidelines did not win him support at the academy. His penchant for introducing intervals and dissonances was frowned upon. ...
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