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This is a piece of classical music performed by noted musician Yo-Yo Ma. The instrument it is performed on is a classical cello with no accompaniment. The piece has a very smooth sound and excellent transition between sections of it, and very clean, concise sounds.


Furthermore, it is beautiful to hear a single unaccompanied instrument, which really brings the focus down to the skill of the individual musician and the abilities of the instrument. The second piece is a piano piece entitled Adagio Sostenuto performed by Daniel Barenboim It is by enlarge soft and delicate. The perpetual melody of only three notes bring all of the other elements of the composition into incredibly sharp focus. This piece is also almost entirely in a minor key, underscoring a sad or somewhat mournful attitude. This is an amazing piece that I like quite a lot. One of the things I like about it is its huge amount and variety of textures, and rolling mini climaxes without that show that you can create a peak in music without going overly-loud or increasing tempo overly much. I also like that it is soft and delicate without being in any way tentative, every stroke is done with precision and determination, and even after a moment of hesitancy the stroke comes down in a powerful way. The next song is the classic “Smooth Criminal” by the ever-famous (even posthumously) Michael Jackson. Its genre is, strictly speaking, pop. It is incredibly danceable, in a strict and somewhat predictable four-four time. It also has an incredibly catchy and single-able chorus. ...
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