Japanies Music Culture in Los Angles

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Student name Instructor name Course Date of submission Japanies music cultur in los angelos The world today is moving towards a single unit where all the cultures, societies and traditions are merging into one whole. When one sits down to contemplate on what the world the world was around 100 years ago from today and where the cultural diversity stands today, it can easily be comprehended that the growth of colonialism, neo-colonialism, rise in international trade, mass immigrations from one country to another in the search of better opportunities and protection of life has changed the entire concept of tradition, culture and society.


United States of America when claiming to be the most culturally diversified country in the world unintuitive also claims to be the place having the most diversified number of cultures, people, legends, dress codes, folk stories and nonetheless music. The world may be going more global every minute but it is not that easy to let go of one’s culture and music. Almost all of the ethnic groups though believe in “Unity in Diversity” but also strive to protect their legend, their tradition through community group discussions and cultural music and dance. Music plays a pivotal role in not only the protection of a specific culture’s traditions but also in the spread of it. Any cultural music that exists today is not merely a combination of musical tones and vocal played on specific musical instruments. ...
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