Punjabi Music Bhangra

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Punjabi Music; Bhangra Name Institution Introduction Bhangra music is a genre that was developed in the 1980s in England. It entails both folk and classical music from various western regions as well as the Punjab region of India. Some people refer to Bhangra as a kind of dance since it was earlier used as a celebratory folk dance that meant spring or Vaisakhi was nearby (David, 2011).


It is dated to begin as folk dance in 11th century by Punjabi farmers celebrating forthcoming of their seasonal harvests. The various moves used in Bhangra of this form depicted how the farmers farmed their land (David, 2011). It is then that this hybrid dance emerged to become Bhangra. Later, the folk dance was popularized in the West by Punjabi musicians. Today, Bhangra dance exists in many different forms and styles including in film sound tracks, pop music, cultural shows and collegiate competitions (Clint & Jasject, 2009). Bhangra music In late 1960s and early 1970, Bhangra music was popularized greatly in the United Kingdom by many Punjabi bands. Example of music bands existing in those times were The Jambo boys, The Black mist and the Saathies. It was their success that created a fan base and inspired more new artists (David, 2011). These bands used to get a lot of support from both Indian Punjab and the Pakistani. This led to the creation of an alternative to Hindi film music and Ounjabi folk singers Punjabi. Some artists that are still alive today include Alaap band, Apna Sangeet, Heera Group, Chiraq Pehchan and the new pardesi music machine. After 1994, some bands dissolved due to the introduction of electronic Dj loop sampling and dhol drum (Clint & Jaskect, 2009). ...
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