History of Pop Music

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Tin Vu Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name English 111 (11, 11, 2011) History of Pop Music Introduction Pop music is a very famous genre of music which appeals to everyone, especially the younger generation. It is a kind of music that young people enjoy and it employs innovative techniques in song making.


All the major eras of pop music will be discussed and major bands and singers will be discussed. The aim is to better understand the history of the most popular music genre that appeals to everyone today. Also the new instruments that are commonly used in the creation of pop music will be discussed. History of Pop Music Pop music is defined as a form of music which is different from jazz and folk music (Hatch & Millward, 1). Pop music became famous in 1920s and its origin was influenced by other forms of music like country music, hillbilly, and blues (Hatch & Millward, 49). The change of technology was also a major reason of creation of the Pop genre as it gave an opportunity for the musicians to create a new kind of music. The most important thing that distinguishes pop music from other genres of music is its global reach. It is the only kind of music that does not caters to a particular class of population rather it appeals to everyone (Frith, Straw, & Street, 95). Pop music does not appeal to a sub culture or clan like country music rather it appeals to the general public. Pop music is also based on dance oriented beats or rhythms which differentiated it from other forms of music at the time of its origin (Warner, 3). In 1920s people used to listen to songs but dancing was not closely associated with music. ...
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