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Extended Concert Review Introduction While television and YouTube have frequently filmed concert footage, the actual experience of attending a live concert still remains a prevalent part of modern existence. Different forms of music have different forms of live experiences, with the jazz musical experience constituting one of the most meaningful and magical.


There were a wide variety of performers featured. The ‘Invitation’ was performed by Dan Kramer on the alto saxophone, Kyle Stand on piano, and Devin Arter on trumpet. The ‘Blues in Hoss Flat’ was performed by Alex Buehler on trombone, Dan Kramer on alto saxophone, Kirk Bakalis on tenor saxophone, and Devin Arter on trumpet. ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ was performed by Kirk Bakalis on tenor saxophone. ‘Collectivate’ was performed by Calli Dodd on alto saxophone, Dan Yolles on guitar, Kaelin McDonald on trombone, Luke Rose on drums, and Evan Gohring on bass. ‘Rain Delay’ was performed by Conor Sims on tenor saxophone and Andrew Deem on trombone. There were a number of jazz styles performed in the concert. The first song played was ‘Invitation’. This is a song that was composed by Bronislaw Kaper and Paul Francis Webster and was first featured on Bill Evans’ ‘Intuition’ album. This song has been labeled post-bop as well as mainstream jazz. This song was highly enjoyable. In large part the improvisation was carried by the trumpet and fit seamlessly into the set. While much bop and experimental jazz can be trying on the listener, it’s clear that this is a much smoother variety of jazz. ...
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