Five Roots of American Music

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Five Roots of American Music Part 1 Lots of today’s most known music arose from the mix of ethnic and racial ancestry. My essay shows and details the relative and integrative learning of the multicultural music scenes of the United States.


Singular interest is given to each group's exceptional history and occurrence in American ethnicity and humanity; examination of each group's musical customs from a techno and an artistic outlook; and in order of development of listening and expressive dexterity through a range of media including films and recordings (Portia ,2006) Part 2 By 1492, there hundreds of Native Americans living in the United States and adopted their own musical traditions who played rattles, drums, sang, danced and played rasps. This form of music was passed on from one community through oral means by their ancestors. The Native Americans considered singing as one of their most important part of their lives. Spiritual power was called upon through the usage of rhythm instruments when singing, the most common instrument in rhythm being the drums and rattles. (Portia, 2006)Whistles were also used as a way of calling people who were at a distance and also used to pass on warnings to others. The European Americans came to existence in the United States primarily because in the ancient history, the United States had a policy that admitted more immigrants from the European countries thus resulted in large number of European settlers in America. As expected, (Joyner, 2006) the Europeans also adopted their culture of music since they were diverse in their own history. They had three categories of music that included: religious, classical and also popular music. ...
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