Hildegard's Spirit-Filled, Visionary Music

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Brescia University Hildegard’s Spirit-Filled, Visionary Music Nicole McDaniels Nicole McDaniels Instructor Course February 4, 212 Hildegard’s Spirit-Filled, Visionary Music Some people live such extraordinary lives that their death doesn’t particularly slow the spread of their influence at all.


She was born in Bermersheim, near Alzey, in the summer of 1098, to a noble family. She had her first visionary experience before the age of five, and furthermore was not a healthy child. Her parents dedicated her to the religious life at age eight (Flanagan 2) She was enclosed in the cell of a pious, recluse noble woman, Jutta, where she spent most of her days in prayer. (3). More girls were also enclosed there, and by the time Hildegard was age 13 or 14, the cell had grown into a Benedictine convent, attached to a monastery (3). Jutta died when Hildegard was 38, and Hildegard subsequently was chosen to take over the leadership of the convent. Up to that time, Hildegard had continued to see visions, but had learned at an early age not to speak of them to anyone, to avoid embarrassment. She told only Jutta and later her teacher (3). At age 42, Hildegard had a mystical vision in which she suddenly accessed the meanings of all scripture and was told to write and publicize what she heard and understood. She resisted at first, out of low self esteem and humility, but her resistance caused her to become very ill. Her illness only left her when she was finally able to write (4). She spent 10 years writing her first visionary work. During this time, Hildegard announced that God had instructed her to move her convent away from the monastery. ...
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