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Duke Ellington Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Duke Ellington Duke Ellington was born in 1899 in Washington dc to a middle class family. He was enrolled to piano classes at the age of seven and was always artistic during his early days. His family encouraged him to follow his heart, and he continued practicing to play piano like great pianists of those days.


He was influenced my piano players such as, James Johnson and Willie smith. He later gained respect of the same people who influenced him with his piano playing styles. Duke’s ability to modernize his playing over the years kept him to be relevant in the music industry, (Gayford, 1999). This musician had a style that was not associated with blacks back then. He did music that was beyond definition back then, and defied stereotypes. He considered his orchestra as one crucial instrument of his singing. He always sang with them, and his orchestra was one of the big hits from 1927. It had eight soloists, and before 1931, it used to perform in Cotton club. Later, it became a road band; touring all the states in US as well as Europe and Sweden in the 1930s. Ellington as a person had a sense of dignity, and dressed immaculately something that was not associated with black people. He was also extremely serious at his work, and many said he was too quiet. Most of his time was spent in his studio composing songs for his band. His songs were specifically written for his band; making it hard for others to sing them. During this period, he also succeeded in the film industry. Duke Ellington had various records throughout his career life. ...
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