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I Believe by Joe Satriani - Strange Beautiful Tour 2002

The song was performed during his famous “Strange Beautiful Tour” (Satriani.Com 1) in the year 2002. Here in this performance he is seen in slightly different mood and amidst a different set up as compared to his other concerts. He is seated with his guitar with a microphone set in front of him. Joe Satriani sings and simultaneously plays the guitar with as much equal ease as he would play breathtakingly soulful and extremely complicated guitar portions. He uses a slightly different guitar tone in this song compared to the original recording. This tone as it sounded has less dominance of the chorus effect and the clean tone. It is a more natural sounding tone with which he begins the piece, playing the signature line of the song. The song has other artists backing it up with drums, bass-guitar, keyboard and backing-guitar. The refreshing sound of a dominant bass guitar adds to the magic of the overall performance. The bass guitar is played in a different style with more drag and delay in its tone, relaxing the temperament of the song and giving it a laidback and peaceful sound. The experience of having Joe Satriani perform one of his most popular songs and that to this particular composition: “I Believe” was indeed a rare and memorable experience. ...
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I Believe by Joe Satriani – Strange Beautiful Tour 2002 The piece that will be the topics of review, analysis and discussion is one of the most popular compositions of legendary and world renowned guitarist Joe Satriani. It is titled “I Believe” and was released as part of his album: Satch Tapes in the year 1993 (Satriani.Com 1)…
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