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Author Tutor Course Date Jazz and Influence Jazz is an original United States form of music, associated with African Americans who initially enjoyed this form of music. Jazz music reflects the cultural traditions and social history of the American people; reflecting historical events, ethnic influences, and cultural changes.


Jazz music serves as a base for various music styles in America. Improvisation enabled jazz musicians to express their thoughts and feelings. While creating and performing music, artists promote self-expression; this process provides self-gratification whilst giving pleasure for others. The characteristics of jazz are off-beat rhythm, improvisation, and syncopation. These qualities make jazz music a unique form of self-expression (Lopes 264). Musical improvisation may be defined as the spontaneous, creative procedure of making music during its performance. Jazz music primarily relies on the spontaneous expression of the musicians. Self-expression through improvisation is a vital component of jazz music. Jazz improvisation is the procedure of spontaneously generating fresh melodies over the constantly repeating series of chord changes of a tune. Jazz improvisation is usually in variation and theme form (Gioia 15). The theme is frequently a popular song melody; through improvisation, the original melody is varied by altering its rhythms and pitches. Series of chord or harmonic pattern forms the basis of some jazz improvisations. The harmonic pattern is repetitive, and in the process, the improviser creates melodies on top of it. Harmonic, melodic, and motivic are the three methods of jazz improvisation (Lopes 268). ...
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